Management and Referral

* Duffy, David & Ryan, Tony (Eds) (2004). New approaches to preventing suicide: A manual for practitioners. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

“Written by front line professionals in the fields of nursing, mental health, prison services and the law, this text is an essential companion to the [British] government’s new suicide prevention strategy. The contributors offer a wealth of practical guidance on issues such as risk assessment and management in a range of settings, policy and the legal framework around suicide.”

Ministry of Health, New Zealand (2003). Assessment and management of people at risk of suicide: for emergency departments and mental health service acute assessment settings. Ministry of Health (MoH) (New Zealand), New Zealand Guidelines Group (NZGG)

This is a resource for clinical staff in emergency departments and mental health clinicians assessing and working with people who have made a suicide attempt, or are suicide risks. It is based on explicit evidence and synthesised expert opinion.

Ministry of Youth Affairs (NZ) (1999). Detection and management of young people at risk of suicide: guidelines for primary care providers. Ministry of Youth Affairs (NZ)

The aim of these guidelines is to assist primary care providers to recognise young people, between 12 and 25, at risk of suicide and provide appropriate management or well informed referral to secondary services.