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homepage_logoSuicide is a major public health problem in Australia. Approximately 2200 Australians were reported as taking their own lives in 2008 (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010), more than the number of deaths from road accidents, industrial accidents and homicides put together.

However, the actual number of suicides is likely to be larger than this, due to under-reporting. Furthermore, there are many more Australians who harm themselves or attempt suicides.

Suicide is costly to communities, both economically and socially. Many people are affected by an individual’s suicidal behaviour, with significant loss, pain and grief suffered by family, friends and the community – distress which cannot be quantified in economic terms.

square has been developed in recognition that an active approach to suicide prevention is the best strategy for dealing with this significant public health problem.

square is an integrated suicide prevention resource developed by General Practice SA and Relationships Australia SA in conjunction with the Federal and State Governments. It is part of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy and was jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Government of South Australia.